November 1, 2019 | By Juan Subiry
NAC International participated as a sponsoring member of the U.S. Industry Program (USIP) held in concurrence with the 63rd IAEA General Conference, in Vienna from Sept. 15-19, 2019. The International Trade Administration and the U.S. Commercial Service in Austria facilitated this event and offered NAC and the U.S. Industry delegation an opportunity to showcase capabilities and services to conference participants. It also helped to promote U.S. leadership and experience in the development of advance reactor technologies. As part of the program, NAC co-sponsored a welcome reception at the America Lounge that U.S. delegation members and dignitaries from various countries around the world attended. Throughout the conference, NAC promoted its extensive experience in providing impartial consulting and training services in all technical and business aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mining through waste disposal. In particular, NAC had the opportunity to promote its current experience working with various countries in the areas of nuclear fuel performance, nuclear materials safeguards and security, and nuclear fuel QA/QC and fabrication oversight.